1111. Plastic tubes and pipes are generally made by _____ moulding :

A. Injection
B. Extrusion *
C. Transfer
D. Compression

1112. Which of the following is not an explosive ?

B. CMC *
D. Lead azide

1113. Which of the following are stretched into fibres ?

A. Saturated polyester *
B. Unsaturated polyester
C. Isoprene
D. Bakelite

1114. Black powder which is a dangerous involves charcoal, sulfur and :

A. Glycerin
B. Salt petre *
C. Nitro glycerin
D. Dynamite

1115. Mastication of rubber means :

A. Its softening *
B. A treatment to hinder its weakening because of oxidation
C. Improving its curing rate
D. Depression of its freezing point

1116. Milligram of KOH required to saponify 1gm of oil is called its ______ number :

A. Saponification *
B. Aldehyde
C. Ketone
D. Ether

1117. Ester is formed when an alcohol reacts with :

A. Carboxylic acid *
B. Aldehyde
C. Ketone
D. Ether

1118. Adhesives :

A. Cannot be used in the form of pressure sensitive tapes
B. Cannot join two dissimilar metals
C. Fix momentarily after application on a surface
D. None of these *

1119. Spalling of refractory means its :

A. Softening
B. Fracture caused by uneven high-temperature expansion *
C. Resistance to compressive loads
D. Resistance to chemical action of gasses and molten fluxes

1120. Dry chlorine can be handled in a vessel made of :

A. Iron or steel *
C. Nickel
D. Brass