171. A perfectly insulated container of volume V is divided into two equal halves by a partition. One side is under vacuum, while the other side has one mole of an ideal gas (with constant heat capacity) at 298 K. If the partition is broken, the final temperature of the gas in the container___________________?
A. Will be greater than 298 K
B. Will be 298 K
C. Will be less than 298 K
D. Cannot be determined

172. As per Kirchhoff s equation, the heat of reaction is affected by the__________________?
A. Pressure
B. Volume
C. Temperature
D. Molecularity

173. The total number of atoms in 8.5 gm of NH3 is _______________ Ɨ 1023?
A. 9.03
B. 3.01
C. 1.204
D. 6.02

174. The heat capacity of a substance is ____________________?
A. Greater for liquid state than for solid state
B. Lower for liquid state than for gaseous state
C. Higher for solid state than for liquid state
D. Equal for solid and liquid states below melting point

175. If 1 Nm3 of O2 contains ā€˜Nā€™ number of molecules, then number of molecules in 2Nm3 of SO2 will be_________________?
A. N
B. N/2
C. 2N
D. 4N

176. Which of the following gases will have the- highest kinetic energy per mole at the same pressure & temperature ?
A. Chlorine
B. Nitrogen
C. Ethane
D. All the gases will have the same KE

177. In a chemical process, the recycle stream is purged for______________________?
A. Increasing the product yield
B. Enriching the product
C. Limiting the inerts
D. Heat conservation

178. pH value of a solution containing equal concentration of hydroxyl and hydrogen ions will be_________________?
A. 0
B. 10
C. 7
D. 14

179. The heat of solution depends upon the____________________?
A. Nature of solvent
B. Concentration of solution
C. Nature of solute
D. All A., B. & C.

180. Enthalpy change resulting, when unit mass of solid is wetted with sufficient liquid, so that further addition of liquid produces no additional thermal effect, is called the heat of________________?
A. Mixing
B. Adsorption
C. Wetting
D. Complete wetting

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