1121. In flue gas analysis by Orsat’s apparatus, carbon monoxide is absorbed by :

A. Cuprous chloride *
B. Potassium hydroxide
C. Alkaline pyrogallol solution
D. None of these

1122. Calorific value as determined by bomb calorimeter is :

A. Higher calorific value at constant volume *
B. Gross calorific value at constant volume
C. Lower calorific value at constant volume
D. Net calorific value at constant volume

1123. Incomplete combustion of fuel is characterised by :

A. Smoke formation
B. High flue gas temperature
C. High percentage of oxygen in flue gas
D. The flue gas contains a lot of carbon monoxide *

1124. For maximum discharge through a chimney, its height should be :

A. 200 Meters
B. Infinitely long
C. More than 105 Meters
D. Equivalent to the level of the hot gas segment delivering draft *

1125. Oxygen percentage ( by weight) in atmospheric air is :

A. 19
B. 21
C. 23 *
D. 29

1126. Stack(chimney) height in a big thermal power plant is dictated by :

A. Pollution control aspect
B. Draught to be created *
C. Limitation of constructional facilities
D. None of these

1127. A particular coal is said to be free burning when it :

A. Burns completely
B. Gives smokeless burning
C. Shows little or not fusing action *
D. None of these

1128. As time passes, the calorific value of stored coal :

A. Decreases *
B. Increases
C. Remains constant
D. None of these

1129. Emission of dense white smoke out of the chimney ofa thermal power plant is an indication of the use of :

A. Less air for combustion
B. Correct amount of air for combustion
C. Too much air for combustion *
D. Pulverised coal in boilers

1130. Use of pulverised coal in boiler furnace provides :

A. High calorific value
B. Better combustion *
C. Smokeless burning
D. Less erosion on furnace walls