1061. Lower BWG means ___________ of the tube:

A. Lower thickness
B. Lower cross section *
C. Outer diameter
D. Inner diameter

1062. Cavitation occurs in a centrifugal pump when the suction pressure is :

A. At the temperature *, less than the liquid’s vapour pressure *
B. More than the liquid’s vapour pressure at that temperature
C. Equal to the vapour pressure
D. Equal to the developed head

1063. Cavitation can be prevented by :

A. Suitably designing the pump
B. Maintaining a suction head pressure that is sufficient to exceed the vapour pressure *
C. Maintaining suction head= developed head
D. Keeping the suction head below the vapour pressure at all times

1064. Priming is needed in a ________ pump:

A. Reciprocating
B. Gear
C. Centrifugal *
D. Diaphragm

1065. A centrifugal pump can only draw water up to this depth:

A. Depending on the pump’s speed
B. Depending on the pump’s speed
C. 34 Feet *
D. 150 Feet

1066. Boiler feed water pump is usually a ___________ pump:

A. Reciprocating
B. Gear
C. Multistage centrifugal *
D. Diaphragm

1067. Plunger pumps are used for :

A. Higher pressure *
B. Slurries
C. Viscous mass
D. None of these

1068. Molten soap mass is transported by a______ pump:

A. Diaphragm
B. Reciprocating
C. Gear *
D. Centrifugal

1069. The following pump is used to transport molten sodium in the fast breeder reactor:

A. Reciprocating
B. Plunger
C. Electromagnetic *
D. Gear

1070. To deal with more modest amount of liquid at higher release pressure, utilize a __________ siphon:

A. Reciprocating *
B. Centrifugal
C. Volute
D. Rotary vacuum