201.Sodium ______________ has inverted solubility curve i.e. its solubility increases with the lowering of temperature?
A. Carbonate (monohydrate)
B. Chloride
C. Thiosulphate
D. Bisulphite

202. The accumulation in a steady state combustion process, burning 1 kg mole of carbon with 1 kg mole of oxygen thereby producing 1 kg mole of carbon dioxide, is _____________ kg mole?
A. 1
B. 0
C. 16
D. 44

203. According to the kinetic theory, the thermal conductivity of a monatomic gas is proportional to___________________?
A. T
B. T0.5
C. T1.5
D. T2

204. Which of the following has the least (almost negligible) effect on the solubility of a solute in a solvent ?
A. Temperature
B. Nature of solute
C. Pressure
D. Nature of solvent

205. Volume occupied by one gm mole of a gas at S.T.P. is ____________________?
A. 22.4 litres
B. 22400 litres
C. 22.4 c.c
D. 359 litres

206. In a mixture of benzene vapor and nitrogen gas at a total pressure of 900 mm Hg, if the absolute humidity of benzene is 0.2 kg benzene/kg nitrogen, the partial pressure of benzene in mm Hg is__________________?
A. 180
B. 60.3
C. 720
D. 200

207. The vapour pressure of water is given by, in Psat = A – (5000/T), where A is a constant, Psat is the vapour pressure in atm. and T is the temperature in K. The vapor pressure of water in atm. at 50°C is approximately__________________?
A. 0.07
B. 0.09
C. 0.11
D. 0.13

208. Disappearance of snow in subzero weather exemplifies the process of_________________?
A. Evaporation
B. Sublimation
C. Vaporisation
D. Melting

209. The most convenient way of expressing solution concentration is in terms of___________________?
A. Mole fraction
B. Normality
C. Molality
D. Molarity

210. Elements in a periodic table are arranged in order of their__________________?
A. Atomic number
B. Mass number
C. Atomic weight
D. Metallic characteristics