931. Hugo grotius was born in :

A. 1550
B. 1570
C. 1583 *
D. 1589

932. hugo grotius was born in :

A. Australia
B. Norway
C. Germany
D. Holland *

933. ________ was expressly received into the family of nation through article 7 of the treaty of paris , 1856:

A. New zeland
B. Australia
C. Rome
D. Turkey *

934. With the reception of Turkey into the family of nation in 1856 international law ceased to be a law between _____ states only :

A. Roman
B. Greek
C. Christian *
D. Norwegian

935. Modern international law is determined by :

A. Modern american system
B. Modern italian system
C. Modern european system *
D. Modern Asian system

936. A prominent jurist Emmerich de Vattel ( 1714-1767) was :

A. Positivist
B. Grotian *
C. Naturalist
D. None of these

937. Christian Wolf (1679-1754) was a prominent jurist who belonged to :

A. Naturalist group
B. Positivist group
C. Grotian group *
D. None of these

938. Who was the father of modern law of nation ?

A. Dr. Schwarzenegger
B. L . Oppenheim
C. Hugo Grotius *
D. J. L. Brierly

939. Hugo Grotius took the degree of Doctor of laws at the :

A. University of columbia
B. University of california
C. University of london
D. University of Levden *

940. Grotius ‘s most famous book “De Jure belli aac pacis (i.e. on the law of war and peace)” was published in :

A. 1610
B. 1620
C. 1625 *
D. 1630