621. Why is sustainable development a principle of paramount importance in international law?
A.Because it promotes world peace
B.Because it is a principle which did not exist before
C.Because it is a principle recognised by the International Court of Justice as well as by a number of leading international organisations
D.Because non-governmental organisations support this principle

622. What are the forms of assistance that the World Bank provides to its members?
A.Technical and financial
B.Political and financial
C.Political and economic
D.Technical and military

623. The World Bank Group is made up of how many organisations?

624. Which organisation of the World Bank Group deals with matters related to the development of the poorest countries in the world?
A.The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
B.The International Development Association
C.The International Finance Corporation
D.The Multilateral Investment Agency

625. In which Article of the International Development Association’s Articles of Agreement are the purposes of the International Development Association covered?
A.Art. I
B.Art. II
C.Art. III
D.Art IV

626. Can dispute settlement take place under the World Bank Group’s auspices?
A.No, because the World Bank Group is a political forum
B.No, because the World Bank Group is an economic forum
C.Yes, through the International Court of Justice machinery
D.Yes, through the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

627. The International Court of Justice is:
A.A principal judicial organ of the UN
B.A Court established by Stales outside the UN System
C.A Court established by the European Community
D.None of these

628. State immunity means:
A.A State is subject to foreign court’s jurisdiction
B.A State is not subject to foreign court’s jurisdiction
C.A State is not subject to foreign court’s jurisdiction
D.None of these

629. The Contiguous Zone is:
A.A no-man’s land between two States
B.An area of sea beyond territorial waters
C.An area of sea beyond the Exclusive Economic Zone
D.None of these

630. Non-registration of a treaty:
A.Invalidates the treaty
B. Treaty cannot be invoked before a UN organ
C.It has no effect at all on the treaty
D.None of these