481. A State has complete immunity from the jurisdiction of foreign courts in:
A.All cases
B.Public acts
C.Private cases
D.None of these

482. The first case taken up by the International Court of Justice was:
A.Asylum case
B.Nationality decree in Tunis
C.Corfu Channel
D.None of these

483. A state
A.Cannot nationalize foreign property
B.Can nationalize foreign property without compensation
C.Can nationalize foreign property after paying compensation
D.None of these

484. Minister Resident are
A.Higher in rank than that of the Minister Plenipotentiary
B.Lower in rank than that of the Minister Plenipotentiary
C.Equal in rank to the Minister Plenipotentiary
D.None of these

486. The principle of rebus sic stantibus means
A.A state cannot use force
B.There is no crime without a law
C.Fundamental change of circumstances
D.None of these

487. Hague Convention of 1970 dealt in properly with the crimes relating to:
B.Prisoners of wars
D.None of these

488. De facto Recognition is
A.Legal recognition
B.Recognition in principle
C.Circumstantial Recognition
D.None of these

489. The limit of the Territorial Waters of Pakistan is:
A.12 nautical miles
B.20 nautical miles
C.24 nautical miles; beyond the land territory and internal waters of Pakistan measured from the base line
D.None of these

490. Exclusive Economic Zone of Pakistan is an area beyond and adjacent to the territorial waters the limit of which is
A.12 nautical miles
B.100 nautical miles
C.200 nautical miles
D.None of these

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