581. A successor state inherits
A.All right/duties of its predecessor state
B.Selected right/duties
D.None of these

582. Under present day International Law:
A.A state can acquire title to territory by conquest;
B.A state cannot acquire title to territory by conquest
C.A state can acquire title to the conquered territory through the approval of the Security Council;
D.None of these

583. The most-favoured nation treatment means
A.A treatment that is not extended to any other State;
B.A treatment extended to any third State
C.A treatment extended a particular State
D.None of these

584. Geographically a Disadvantaged State means:
A.A State which has no natural resources;
B.A State which has short sea coast;
C.A state which suffers from frequent sea storm
D.None of these

585. An alien:
A.Can straight away approach his own state for help
B.Cannot approach his own state for help in any circumstances;
C.Can approach his own state for help after exhausting local remedies;
D.None of these

586. In inland Waters, a State has:
A.No jurisdiction;
B.Concurrent jurisdiction;
C.Exclusive jurisdiction
D.None of these

587. When did Switzerland become the member of UNO?
A.10th September 2002
B.11th September 2002
C.12th September 2002
D.13th September 2002

588. Which of the following countries was expelled from UNO when it did not accept the name as suggested by the UNO?
B.South Africa
C.Southern Rhodesia

589. International Law:
A.Is superior to National Law
B.Is inferior to National Law
C.Has nothing to do with it
D.None of these

590. International Law prescribes;
A.A form for the making of international agreements
B.A procedure for the making of international agreement;
C.Neither form nor procedure but leaves it to the will and convenience of the parties;
D.None of these

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