401. Which country DID NOT gain territory from Germany as a result of the Treaty of Versailles?
C.United States

402. Under which treaty’s article 42 explicitly forbade German construction or maintenance of fortifications on the left bank of the Rhine and in a 50 km zone on the right bank.
A.Treaty of Paris
B.Treaty of London
C.Treaty of Versailles
D.None of these

403. Which countries were responsible for creating the Treaty of Versailles?
A.France, Poland
B.Britain & USA
C.Italy, Japan
D.All of these

404. Under the terms of Article 119 of the Treaty, Germany was forced to give up all of her colonial possessions. Name the treaty
A.Treaty of Paris
B.Treaty of London
C.Treaty of Versailles
D.None of these

405. The War of the Second Coalition (Napoleonic War), Britain and France, Spain, Batavian Republic.
A.Treaty of Paris
B.Treaty of Amiens
C.Treaty of Asiento
D.Treaty of London

406. Boer War: Great Britain and Transvaal (South African Republic), Orange Free State (now part of South Africa).
A.Treaty of Amritsar
B.Treaty of Bautzen
C.Treaty of Vereeniging
D.Treaty of Cape Town

407. Select one of the following:
A.Public International Organizations are subjects of International Law
B. both Public and Private International organizations are subjects of International Law
C. None of the above is subject of International Law.

408. Foreign diplomatic envoys enjoy absolute immunity from local jurisdictions;
A.Civil matters
B. Criminal matters
C. both civil and criminal matters.

409. The Right of innocent passage is available to:
A.Foreign Aircrafts;
B.Foreign ships;
C.all foreign vehicles.

410. Non-permanent members of the U.N. Security Council are elected for a period’ of:
A.five years;
B. three years;
C.two year

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