631. Extraterritorial jurisdiction means:
A. A State has unlimited jurisdiction
B.A State has jurisdiction over its nationals even when they live outside the country
C.A State has jurisdiction over foreign visiting nationals
D.None of these

632. The principle of ex injuria non oritur jus means:
A.No benefit can be received from an illegal act
B.A legal right flows from an illegal act
C.A state can go on was in case of an injury
D.None of these

633. A successor state starts life:
A.Bound by all treaties entered into by predecessor state
B.Bound by multilateral treaties
C.With a clean-state
D.None of these

634. A Geographically – Disadvantage – State means:
A.A State which has no natural resources
B.A State which has short sea coast
C.A State which suffers from frequent sea storms
D.None of these

635. The Calvo clause means:
A.A State can intervene on behalf of its nationals
B.A State cannot interveneĀ on behalf of its nationals
C.An alien agrees not to seek the diplomatic protection of his own State
D.None of these

636. The permanent Court of International Justice:
A.Is successor to the International Court (ICJ)
B.Is predecessor of the ICJ
C.Has no link with the ICJ of Justice
D.None of these

637. A Member of the International Law Commission is elected by:
A.Security Council
B.General Assembly
C.Security Council and General Assembly
D.None of these

638. The united Nations is:
A.A Supria-State organisation
B.A creation of Member States
C.Has no Link with States after its establishment
D.None of these

639. Diplomatic relations are established by:
A.Mutual consent
B.A unilateral decision
C.A decision of a regional organisation
D.None of these

640. Extradition is granted in case of:
A.Ordinary criminals
B.Political and religious criminals
C.Heads of State and Govt.
D.None of these

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