341. Withdrawal of recognition is more easily achieved with respect to:
A. Defect recognition
B. Collective Recognition
C. Implied Recognition
D. Non of these

342. Internal waters of a state are, such waters which are:
A. found on the land-ward side of base line from which the territorial sea is measured.
B. Adjacent to the exclusive fisheries zone.
C. waters flowing into the high sea’s
D. Non of these

343. According to article 3 of the 1982 convention on the law of the sea the breadth of the territorial sea is:
A. 10 miles
B. 12 miles
C. 14 miles
D. Non of these

344. The term Men of War signifies:
A. Military personal
B. A warship
C. An aircraft carrier
D. Non of these

345. Terra Nullius means:
A. Island in the sea
B. No territory
C. Territory belonging to no state
D. Non of these

346. The Acroniyum WMD stands for:
A. Western missile defense
B. Weapons of mass destruction(c) World meteorological Department
C. Non of these

347. Hot pursuit is the principle designed to ensure:
A. Vesicles violating rules of coastal state cannot escape punishment by fleeing to high sea’s
B. Capture
C. Cancellation of Registration
D. Non of these

348. Piracy, according to law of sea convention 1982 is:
A. An illegal act by crew of private ship on the high sea’s.
B. An act of sabotage
C. Act permissible in certain cases
D. Non of these

349. One of the amicable means of settling state disputes is:
A. Conciliation
B. Blockade
C. War
D. Non of these

350. The bulk of the rules of International law are derived from:
A. Judicial decisions
B. work of publicites
C. Customs
D. None of these

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