491. According to the “Floating island Theory”, a floating island is
A.An island within 3 nautical miles from the coast of a country
B.An island on the high seas which is not the territory of any particular State
C.A ship bearing the national flag of a State
D.None of these

492. In procedural matters the decisions of the Security Council are made by an affirmative votes of any
A.5 members
B.9 members
C.15 members
D.None of these

493. What is Contrabands?
A.All narcotics
B.Articles banned by a Government
C.All smuggles goods
D.Goods which may assist an enemy in the conduct of war
E.None of these

494. A state has the right to use force in case of
A.To obtain war material
B.Armed attack
C.To ensure the protection of human rights
D.None of these

495. The width of the maritime belt is generally recognize to be
A.3 miles
B.5 miles
C.10 miles
D.None of these

496. Foreign ships
A.Are not allowed to navigate in the territorial waters
B.Have the right of innocent passage in the territorial waters
C.Have the right of free passage in the territorial waters
D.None of these

497. Diplomatic staff enjoys complete immunity from
A.Civil Jurisdiction
B.Criminal Jurisdiction
D.None of these

498. The permanent court of arbitration was established by:
A. The Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907
B. The Washington Naval Conference of 1922
C. The Vienna Conference of 1968-69
D. The Geneva Convention of April 29, 1958.

499. Treaties are the supreme law of the land”. Where is it laid down?
A. Constitution of USA
B. UN Charter
C. Statute of the ICJ
D. British Constitution

500. When was Monroe Doctrine originally announced?
A. 1623
B. 1723
C. 1823
D. 1923