301. In procedural matters, the decisions of the Security Council are made by the affirmative votes of any:
A. 5 members
B. 9 members
C. 15 members
D. none of these

302. Extradition is normally granted:
A. in all cases
B. in criminal cases only
C. in civil cases only
D. none of these

303. What is CONTRABAND?
A. all narcotics
B. articles banned by a government
C. all smuggled goods
D. Goods which may assist an enemy in the conduct of war

304. The term of Judges of the International Court of Justice is:
A. 3 years
B. 5 years
C. 7 years
D. 9 years

305. A diplomatic agent is immune from local jurisdiction:
A. in all cases
B. in criminal cases
C. in cases involving personal property
D. none of these

306. The eastern Greenland case rose between:
A.Norway and the U.K
B.Norway and Denmark
C.Norway and Iceland
D.Denmark and Germany.

307. The Estrada Doctrine relates to:
A.Delimitation of boundaries
B.Recognition of a government
C.Jurisdiction over aliens
D.Recognition of a State

308. Hot pursuit is the principle designed to ensure:
A. Vesicles¬†violating rules of coastal state cannot escape punishment by fleeing to high sea’s
C.Cancellation of Registration
D.None of these

309. Alabama claim Arbitration determines the principles of:
D.None of these

310. Geneva convention for POWs was signed in:
D.None of these

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