601. A State enjoys immunity from the jurisdiction of foreign jurisdiction of foreign courts:
A. Public Cases
B. Private cases
C. All cases
D. None of the above

602.What is the term of Judges of the International court of justice?
A. 1 year
B. 9 years
C. 5 years
D. 8 years

603.What does the principle of rebus sic stantibus means?
A. There is not a crime without Law
B. A State cannot use force
C. A treaty must be adhered to faithfully
D. A fundamental change of circumstances

604. A state has the right to exploit on the continental shelf:
A. Both Living and non-Living resources
B. Living resources
C. Non-Living resources
D. Both B & C

605.On what condition, a state has the right to use force?
A. Armed attack
B. To obtain raw materials
C. To ensure the protection of human rights
D. None of the above

607. The International court of justice was established:
A. 1907
B. 1919
C. 1945

608. A diplomatic agent is immuned from local jurisdiction:
A. In all cases
B. Criminal cases
C. In cases involving personal property

609. ‘Laissez faire’ philosophy is an anti thesis of
A. Interventionist State
B. Repressive State
C. Soft State
D. Welfare State

610. Disadvantages of using an “S” corporation for a foreign owned inbound investment structure include:
A. only that there are restrictions against nonresident shareholders.
B. only that there is U.S. estate tax exposure.
C. both that there are restrictions against nonresident shareholders and that there is US estate tax exposure
D. not having “C” corporation tax liability