861. Prize courts are :

A. International courts
B. Municipal courts *
C. Judicial tribunals under UN
D. None of these

862. The term international law was first coined by :

A. Hugo gortius *
B. Jeremy Bentham
C. Hagel
D. None of them

863. ” International law is not true law but a positive International Morality ,” is said by :

A. John Austin *
B. Oppenheim
C. Hagel
D. None of these

864. Much of International law is dervied through analogy from :

A. Islamic law
B. Christian law
C. Roman law *
D. None of these

865. Father of the law of nationa is :

A. Grotius
B. Hegel
C. Anziloei
D. None of them *

866. Features of International law include all except which of the following :

A. International law does not come from a single source of legislation.
B. International law cannot be interpreted by a single international court.
C. There is no world presidential branch that can implement global regulations
D. None of these *

867. Principle of ” Specialty ” means that :

A. The individual removed should be granted extraordinary discipline by the mentioning state
B. The requesting nation must not impose any special penalties on the extradite.
C. The individual removed should be rebuffed exclusively for the offense for which he has been removed *
D. None of these

868. The leader of positivists school of thought was :

A. Bvnkershock *
B. Starke
C. Vattel
D. None of these

869. The father of international law is :

A. David dudley field
B. Hugo grotius *
C. Germy bentham
D. None of these

870. What is Jus cogens ?

A. Statutory law
B. Common law
C. Compelling law *
D. None of these