391. What is “condominium”
A. A piece of territory under control of just one state
B. A piece of territory under the joint tenancy of two or more states
C. A territory under UN control
D. None of these

392. The Covenant of League Of Nations carried
A. 16 Articles
B. 26 Articles
C. 36 Articles
D. None of these

393. The UN charter also functions as a:
A. Constitutional and Law making treaty
B. Moral binding only
C. Judicial decision
D. None of these

394. The term “Opinio Juris” signifies:
A. Just opinion
B. The belief that a certain practice is obligatory as a matter of law
C. Decision of publicists on law
D. None of these

395. An entity have direct rights and duties under International Law is called:
B. Condominium
C. International legal person
D. None of these

396. The criteria for statehood generally recognized in customary International Law was set in the:
A. Island of Palmas case 1928
B. Covenant of the League of Nations
C. Monte video convention of the rights and duties of States (1933)
D. None of these

397. A state that lies on an International river is known as:
A. Coastal state
B. Riparian state
C. Littoral state
D. None of these

398. War crimes are violations of the laws of war and in particular the:
A.Geneva Conventions of 1949
B. Declaration of Paris 1856
C. Vienna Convention 1969
D. None of these

399. Internal waters of a state include:
A. Marginal belt or territorial sea
B. Land locked seas and non-national rivers
C. Gulfs and canals
D. None of these

400. In the Geneva Convention on the High seas 1958 the term „High seas‟ means:
A. Exclusive economic zone
B. Continental shelf
C. Waters of an archipelago state
D. None of these