781. Penalty for improper use of word “Limited” is:
A. Fine
B. Imprisonment
C. Imprisonment with fine
D. None of these

782. In which of the following an arbitration agreement is not discharged by the death of party:
A. Voluntary
B. Statutory
C. Contractual
D. None of these

783. The number of Arbitration Act, 1940 is:
D. None of these(X of 1940)

784. Nature of misconduct justifying removal of arbitrator should be:
A. Legal
B. Moral
C. Procedural
D. None of these

785. Suit by unregistered firm against third party is:
A. Maintainable
B. Barred
C. Permissible
D. None of these

786. The firm and firm-name are:
A. Synonymous
B. Interchangeable
C. Different terms
D. None of these

787. The partnership is:
A. Juristic person
B. Juridical person
C. Natural person
D. None of these

788. The maker of a promissory note is liable as:
A. Principal debtor
B. Principal Creditor
C. Undercharged surety
D. None of these

789. Valid presentation of a cheque is within six months from:
A. The date it is drawn
B. Date of last correction
C. Date of delivery
D. None of these

790. An exception to “No one can transfer what he does not have” is:
A. Registered gift
B. Will
C. Estoppels by owner
D. None of these