421. Foreign sovereign ships sailing/anchoring in the coastal waters of another state are:
A.subject to the law of the flag state;
B.subject to the law of the coastal state;
C.subject to the law of both states.

422. In case an alien is injured in a foreign state, it is the right of the:
A. injured alien to bring a claim against the wrongdoer state before arrival international forum;
B. state of the nationality of the injured alien;
C. none of the two has aright to do so.

423. Extradition is the process of: –
A. providing asylum to the person who needs it;
B. handing over a person accused or convict of a crime by a state to the demanding state;
C. None of the two.

424. The Economic and Social Council is:
A.a specialized agency of the U.N.
B. an organ of the U.N.
C.N.G.O. for the uplift of economic and social standards of the people of the world.

425. The General Assembly is:
A.The Principle Organ of UNO
B.An ordinary Organ of UNO
C.A check on the Security Council
D.None of these

426. League of Nations was not joined by:
D.None of these

427. Judges of the ICJ are
A.Elected by the Security Council
B. Elected by the General Assembly and the Security Council
C.Appointed by the Secretary General in consultation with the five permanent members of the Security Council.
D.None of these

428. Under the Convention of the Law of the Sea, the breadth of the Territorial Sea is:
A.6 nautical miles
B. 8 nautical miles
C. 12 nautical miles
D. None of these

429. A state can use force
A. In its own defence
B. By entering into a treaty with another state
C. At its own discretion
D. None of these

430. Diplomatic relations are established by:
A.Mutual agreement
B.Unilateral action
C.Decision of neighboring States