711. Who is the president of the International court of justice?
A. Muhammad Haleem
B. William Rehaquist
C. Nagendra Singh
D. Hisashi Owada

712. The baseline is line from which the limits of:
A. Air space are measured
B. Maritime zones are measured
C. The land frontiers of the two States are demarcated.

713. The definition of aggression was adopted in:
A. 1989
B. 1974
C. 1983

714. The territorial waters of State may extend up to:
A. 3 miles
B. 6 miles
C. 200 miles

715. An ad-hoc judge of the ICJ is:
A. Elected by General Assembly
B. Elected by the Security Council
C. Appointed by the Secretary General
D. Appointed by the State

716. A Judge of the ICJ is elected by:
A. The general assembly
B. The security council
C. Both the general assembly and the Security council

717. The term of a member of the International Law Commission is:
A. 3 years
B. 5 Years
C. 7 Years
D. 9 years

718. The headquarters of ICAO are located at:
A. Vienna
B. New York
C. Nairobi
D. Montreal

719. The permanent Court of International Justice has its headquarter at:
A. London
B. Hamburg
C. The Hague
D. Nowhere

720. The principle of exhaustion of local remedies is related to:
A. The immunities of a political agent
B. State responsibility
D. Extradition of foreign criminals

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