671. Vienna Congress too place in:
D.None of these

672. Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed in:
D.None of these

673. Most-favouredĀ Nation treatment means:
A.A treatment extended to a particular group
B.A favourable treatment extended to a particular state
C.A treatment similar to the one extended to any third state
D.None of these

674. European convention for the Protection of Human Rights and FundamentalĀ Freedoms was adopted in:
D.None of these

675. De factor Recognition is:
A.Legal Recognition
B.Recognition in principle
C.Circumstantial Recognition
D.None of these

676. Coastal and land-locked States, according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, have:
A.No right of freedom of fishing in high seas
B.No right of freedom of scientific research in high
C.A right to sail ships flying its flag on the high seas
D.None of these

677. Continental Shelf of Pakistan, may extend upto a distance of:
A.150 nautical miles
B.200 nautical miles
C.300 nautical miles beyond the limit of its territorial waters
D.None of these

678. Convention on the Law of the Sea was signed at Jamaica in:

679. Statutes of the International Court of Justice were drawn up by:
A.London Declaration in 1941
B.Moscow & Teheran Conference in 1943
C.San Francisco Conference in 1945
D.None of these

680. According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea the contiguous zone may not extend beyond:
A.12 nautical miles
B.18 nautical miles
C.24 nautical miles
D.None of these

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