591. The number of principal organs of UNO is:

592. Extradition, from an International Law prospective, is:
A.A mode of resolving conflicting jurisdiction claims between states;
B.A device for combating international terrorism;
C.A mechanism for bringing fugitives from justice to book
D.None of these

593. Which of the following countries became the last member of UNO on 28 June, 2006?
B.East Timor

594. The term International Law was first used by
A.Jeremy Bentham
B.Hugo Grotius
D.None of these

595. The Law of War and Peace was written by:
D.None of these

596. The following are immune under the International Law from extradition;
A.Former Heads of State
B.Former Heads of Government;
C.Senior Citizens;
D.None of these

597. Which of the following signatories to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court had ratified it when it came into force on 1st July 2002?
A.The United States of America
C. The United Arab Emirates

598. A Vassal State is:
A. One which is completely under the suzerainty of another State
B. One which is supposed to exist in every vessel of the State, on the high seas.
C. A Protectorate
D. A State which is a member of common wealth

599. A Condominium is :
A. A State of Chaos
B. A State enjoying Dominion status
C. A particular territory over which joint dominion is exercised by two or more external powers.
D. A State with a Federal form of Constitution

600. ANZUS stands for:
A. African National Zest Under Sovereignty
B. Association for security purpose of Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
C. Afghan National Zealous United Struggle
D. All Nigerian Zambian Ugandan Society