871. What is the status of the ICRC in the international law ?

A non-governmental organization dedicated to safeguarding the Geneva Convention of 1949
B. An international organization
C. A non-governmental organization *
D. None of these

872. The theories which define the relationship between the international and domestic laws are :

A. Realism and idealism
B. Legalism and pluralism
C. Monism and dualism *
D. None of these

873. An entity that has direct rights and duties under international law is called :

B. Condominium
C. International legal person *
D. None of these

874. The term” Opinio Juris” signifies :

A. Just opinion
B. The idea that a particular behavior is required by law *
C. Decision of publicists on law
D. None of these

875. ” In international law, “equity” means:

A. Flexibility *
B. Extra powers of judges
C. State practice
D. None of these

876. International law is treated as a part of domestic law of :

A. India
B. Pakistan
C. USA *
D. None of these

877. International law lacks :

A. Sound grounds of its existence
B. Respect for its enforcement
C. A potent judiciary *
D. All of these

878. Who is of the view that man is by nature nasty, brutish and violent and fearful or sanction which is inherent in law is necessary to maintain order in society ?

A. P.E.Corbett
B. Thomas Hobbes *
C. Snell
D. None of these

879. Who denied the legal character of International law ?

A. Underhill
B. Joseph Andrew
C. Bentham
D. None of these

880. Who was the author of ” The growth of world law “?

A. P.E.Corbett *
B. J.G. Starke
C. Edward Collins
D. None of these