841. The united Nation is :

A. A supra state organization
B. A creation of Member states*
C. Has no link with states after its established
D. None of these

842. Territorial asylum is :

A. An exercise of territorial sovereignty *
B. An impingement of territorial sovereignty
C. Granted by mutual consent
D. None of these

843. A state is :

A. Bound to recognize a new state
B. Not bound to do so *
C. Requires dialogue with the new state in order to be recognized
D. None of these

844. Minquiers and ecrehos case decided by :

A. ICJ 1950 *
C. Europe court of Human rights
D. None of these

845. The eruption of war termination

A. All treaties
B. Only political treaties *
C. No Treaty
D. None of the above

846. International law can :

A. Require a state to settle a conflict
B. Offer moral support for a contentious issue *
C. Provide legal support for a contentious issue
D. None of these

847. The concept of state immunity is :

A. An attitude of territorial sovereignty *
B. A derogation from the state’s sovereignty
C. Not concerned with territorial sovereignty
D. None of these

848. The continuity of states us international legal person is :

A. Affected by change of government
B. Not affected by change of government *
C. Requires the new government’s recognition
D. None of these

849. Harmon doctrine is :

A. Part of international law
B. Was rejected prior to its incorporation into international law *
C. Is attempting to earn general acceptance
D. None of these

850. Vital changes of circumstances:

A. Renders a treaty invalid *
B. Terminates the treaty
C. Has no affect on the treaty
D. None of these