211.When was the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations adopted?
A. 1821
B. 1887
C. 1960
D. 1961

212. When was the International court of justice established?
A. 1910
B. 1945
C. 1955
D. 1965
213.International Law is not true Law but positive international morality only”. Who said it?
A. Pufendorf
B. Austin
C. Bentham
D. Pollock

214. The general assembly of the UN is :
A. The most powerful organ
B. A supervisory body
C. An elected House
D. None of these

215. The doctrine of open sea was eloborated by:
A. Blunt schilli
B. Pufendorf
C. Grotius
D. None of these

216. De Jure Belli Ac Pacis (The Law of War and Peace) was written by:
A. Vattel
B. Bynkershoek
C. Hugo Grotius
C. None of these

217. The Schooner exchange case dealt with the principle of:
A. A State has sovereign right over its natural resources
B. A State’s right of reprisal in case of violation of rights
C. A State’s courts have to accept the validity of a foreign State’s acts.
D. A government is free to seek military assistance from a friendly State.

218. International law is not a true law but a positive international morality:
A. Brierly
B. Oppenheim
C. John Austin
D. None of these

219. The theory of absolute territorial sovereignty:
A. Allows a State to have absolute jurisdiction over all foreigners.
B. Advocates for exclusive right of the territorial State over water resources of an international river.
C. Entitles a State to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over foreign ships.
D. None of these

220. Armed attack on enemy fall under:
A. Retortion
B. Reprisal
C. Intervention
D. None of these

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