201. “ Economic and Social Council”
A. was an organ of the League of Nations
B. is an organ of the WTO
C. is an organ of UNO
D. none of these

202. Which country has more influence on UN?
A. Russia
B. China

203. International Law is factually a:
A. Strong Law
B. Weak Law
C. Not a law at all

204. International Law was founded:
A. At Once
B. Gradually
C. None of these

205. International Law _____ state succession:
A. allows
B. disallows
C. gives no comment about

206. Which law governs international contracts:
A. Law of Treaties
B. Law of Agreements
C. Law of Contracts

207. Unipolar world means a political world with:
A. Single superpower
B. Two Superpowers
C. Multiple Superpowers

208. ICJ is successor institution of:
B. Permanent Court of International Justice

209. Which country contributes the most in UN?
A. Russia
B. China

210. __________ is considered to be the father of International Law:
A. Hugo Grotius
B. Oppenheim
C. Suarez
D. Pufendorf

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