411. A successor state is legally bound to:
A.fulfill all the obligations of its predecessor state;
B. only selected obligations;
C. No obligation at all.

412. A lower riparian state:
A.Has no right to share water resources of an International River;
B.Has exclusive right
C.Has right to share water on an equitable basis.

413. The Charter of the U.N. was drawn up by:
A.London Declaration 1943.;
B.Moscow and Tehran Conference 1943;
C.San Francisco Conference 1945.

414. Universal Declaration on Human Rights was adopted in:
A. 1978

415. The judges of the I.C.J. are elected by:
A.the U.N. Security Council
B. the U.N. General Assembly

416. A state is admitted to the membership of the’ U.N. by:
A. the Security Council;
B. the General Assembly;
C. Both

417. Advisory opinion from the I.C.J. can be sought by:
A.the U.N.
B. the States

418. A state is exempted from the jurisdiction of the local courts in another state:
A. if an agreement has been made to that effect;
B. by virtue of its sovereign status;
C. if such an exemption is granted by the local authorities.

419. The offence of piracy is subject to the jurisdiction of:
A.the flag state;
B.the offenders state
C.all the states

420. A Continental Shelf is situated beneath the sea level at the approximate depth of:
A. 200 meters
B. 300 meters
C. 500 meters