161. Diplomatic relations are established by
A. Mutual consent
B. A unilateral decision
C. A decision of a regional organization
D. None of these

162. Eruption of war terminates
A. All treaties
B. No treaty
C. Only political treaties
D. None of these

163. Foreign ships sailing and anchoring in the coastal waters of another state are
A. Subject to the law of Flag State
B. Subject to the law of Coastal State
C. Subject to the law of both the States
D. None of these

164. Territorial Waters are
A. Water outside the territorial limits of a state
B. Waters dividing territory of Two or more states
C. Waters Adjacent to the contiguous Zone
D. None of these

165. The Montreal Convention for the safety of Civil Aviation was signed in
A. 1975
B. 1974
C. 1971
D. None of these

166. Number of Judges of International Court of Justice is
A. Nine
B. Twelve
C. Fifteen
D. None of these

167. Pacta Sunt Servanda means
A. Treaties between states are to be respected
B. An unwanted person
C. International Law must be honoured
D. None of these

168. Headquarters of International Court of Justice is in
A. Hague
B. Geneva
C. New York
D. None of these

169. Persona Non Grata means
A. Impracticable article of international law
B. A fugitive criminal
C. A person refused for asylum
D. None of these

170. Father of the Law of Nations is
A. Grotius
B. Hegel
C. Anziloei
D. None of these