921. Who is the author of ” Legal character and sources of International law “?

A. Torsten Gihl *
B. J.G. Starke
C. Oppenheim
D. None of the above

922. Anzilotti was :

A. American Jurist
B. Roman Jurist
C. Italian Jurist *
D. Greek Jurist

923. Who remarked this ” Stability with change, Solidarity with variety , peace with justice, international law with national independence . These difficult reconciliation it is th task of international law to effect “?

A. Dr. Schwarzenberger
B. Oppenheim
C. Prof.Quincy Wright *
D. None of these

924. International law should be :

A. Transparent in shape
B. Property codified *
C. Understood
D. None of these

925. Who remarked this : “A custom, in the international law , is such usage as hath obtained the force of law “?

A. Oppenheim
B. Viner *
C. J.G.Starke
D. None of the above

926. Who stated: The most fantastic capability of the law of nature was released in bringing forth present day global regulation “?

A. Oppenheim
B. Sir Henry Maine *
C. J.G.Starke
D. Brown

927. Which century was the revival of the natural law ?

A. 20TH *
B. 19TH
C. 18TH
D. 17TH

928. Who is the author of the book titled as ” Law,Freedom and welfare “?

A. Charles G .Fenwick
B. C. Wildfeed Jenks *
C. H.A. Smith
D. None of the above

929. General rules of interpretation is :

A. Objective or grammatical interpretations
B. Subjective interpretation
C. Teleological Interpretation
D. All of these *

930. Grotius first work ” Mare Liberum ” was published in :

A. 1609 *
B. 1605
C. 1615
D. 1613