721. “Treaties are the supreme law of the land”. Where is it laid down?
A. Constitution of USA
B. UN Charter
C. Statute of the ICJ
D. British Constitution

722. strain means to:?
A. derive a benefit from
B. increase in size or extent
C. exert much effort or energy
D. come to an agreement

723. hindsight means:?
A. a model or standard for making comparisons
B. absence or limitation of the faculty of peripheral vision
C. the study of the evolution and structure of the universe
D. understanding the nature of an event after it has happened

724. ambassador means:?
A. a radical who advocates violence against civilians
B. someone who manages property or affairs for someone else
C. a diplomat of the highest rank
D. someone who keeps sheep together in a flock

725. shuttle means to:?
A. pass into a specified state or condition
B. thrust oneself in as if by force
C. proceed somewhere despite possible dangers
D. travel back and forth between two points

726. violate means to:?
A. trade
B. spoil
C. favor
D. patch

726. embassy means:?
A. diminished arch
B. diplomatic building
C. department store
D. entrance hall

727. smother means to:?
A. expand
B. suppress
C. locate
D. interrupt

728. restoration means:?
A. the act of exposing film to light
B. the act of returning something or someone to a satisfactory state
C. the advancement of some enterprise
D. the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation

729. succession means:?
A. a group of people or things arranged or following in order
B. an impenetrable equatorial forest
C. army unit smaller than a division
D. a collection of things for public display

730. blemishes means:?
A. riddles
B. defects
C. intricacies
D. flourishes

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