381. What is just cogens?
A. Statutory law
B. Common law
C. Compelling law
D. None of these

382. Amnesty international and Greenpeace are?
C. Multinational bodies
D. None of these

383. Which of the following UN organ’s resolutions are binding on member states?
A. Trusteeship council
B. Security council
C. General assembly
D. None of these

384. In which I.C.J Article the sources of International Law are explained?
A. Article 15
B. Article 38
C. Article 50
D. None of these

385. The UN membership as at December 31,2011 was:
A. 190
B. 193
C. 200
D. None of these

386. Principle of “ Pacta sunt servanda” means:
A. Treaties are binding
B. Treaties have no force
C. Agreements are sacred
D. None of these

387. The I.C.J decisions are binding upon:
A. All member states of the UN
B. Only the parties to the conflict
C. The UN non-member states
D. None of these

388. What was the exact number of member states when the UN was founded in 1945?
A. 41
B. 51
C. 71
D. None of these

389. The principal judicial organ of the UN is?
A. General Assembly
B. I.C.J
C. Security Council
D. None of these

390. Who was the first General Secretary of the UN:
A. U. Thant
B. Trygve Halvdan Lie
C. Boutros Ghali
D. None of these

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