221. “Treaties are the supreme law of the land”. Where is it laid down?
A. Constitution of USA
B. UN Charter
C. Statute of the ICJ
D. British Constitution

222. Who is known as father of International law?
A. Jessup
B. Grotius
C. Hegel
D. None of these

223. If a Pakistani citizen is involved in counterfeiting US currency, US can claim jurisdiction over him on the basis of principle of:
A. Subjective Territoriality
B. Objective Territoriality
C. Extraterritoriality
D. None of these

224. The Acronym WMD stands for:
A. Western missile defense
B. Weapons of mass destruction
C. World meteorological Department
D. None of these

225. international Law Commission was established by the General Assembly in pursuance of which article pf UN Charter?
A. 10
B. 13
C. 15
D. None of these

226. Diplomatic asylum means:
A. A diplomatic agent seeking asylum in the receiving state
B. Asylum provided by a diplomatic mission
C. Asylum provided to a political leader by foreign State.
D. None of these

227. The Headquarter of International court of Justice is at:
A. Geneva
B. Hague
C. New York
D. None of these

228. The International Law Commission is a body to:
A. Investigate situations which may threaten international peace and security
B. Codify International Law
C. Conciliate between/among the disputing states
D. Constitute an arbitration tribunal for the pacific settlement of a dispute.

229. A diplomatic agent is immune from local jurisdiction:
A. In all cases
B. Criminal cases
C. In cases involving personal property
D. None of these

230. The right of innocent passage means:
A. right of a foreign merchant ship to pass unhindered through the territorial sea of the cost
B. Not to publicize dangers to navigation in the sea
C. To over look regulations of maritime traffic
D. None of these