361. Nationalization of foreign property is:
A.A State cannot nationalize foreign property
B.A State can nationalize foreign property without compensation
C.A State can nationalize foreign property with compensation
D.None of these

362. Charter of international criminal court was adopted in:
A.Rome conference 1998
B.Geneva Convention
C.General Assembly
D.None of these

363. Consuls, in receiving state are considered representative of:
A. Head of State
B. The government
C. Foreign Office
D. None of these

364. Alabama claim arbitration determines the principles of:
A. Extradition
B. Nationality
C. Neutrality
D. None of these

365. Decision of arbitration is:
A. Binding on parties
B. Not binding
C. Partially binding
D. None of these

366. Nationality of a women as a result of marriage with a foreigner is:
A. Lost
B. Changed
C. Nothing is done
D. None of these

367. Concept of state will was first time given by:
A. Hegel
B. Grotius
C. Bynkershoek
D. None of these

368. Charge’ d Affairs, appointed in a foreign state has to report to:
A. Head of State
B. Head of government
C. Foreign Office
D. None of these

369. Charter of international criminal court was adopted in:
A. Rome conference 1998
B. Geneva Convention
C. General Assembly
D. None of these

370. International court of justice can exercise its jurisdiction on:
A. All disputes between states
B. With consent of any one party
C. With consent of all parties
D. None of these

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