891. Who was remarked this :” International law may be regarded not as mere rules but the effective operation of international organization and their subordinate agencies “.

A. Dr. Schwarzenberger
B. Prof. M.C Dougal *
C. J.S.Mill
D. None of these

892. Who gave this definition ?
“The body of customary and treaty rules that civilized states consider to be legally binding in their interactions with one another is known as international law,”

A. Percy C. Corbett
B. Phillip C. Jessup
C. Oppenheim *
D. None of these

893. Before 1789 International law was known as the :

A. Law of the world
B. Law of the states
C. Law of the countries
D. Law of the nations *

894. Bentham introduced the term ” International law” in :

A. 1780
B. 1783
C. 1789 *
D. 1790

895. The following people coined the term “international law”:

A. Hugo grotius
B. Joseph Andrew
C. Dr. Schwarzenberger
D. Bentham *

896. International law consists of a body of rules governing the :

A. Foreign policies of various nations
B. International customs and conventions
C. Relations between states *
D. None of these

897. The terms “international law” and “law of nations” are:

A. Different terms
B. Unreasonable terms
C. Synonymous and equivalent term *
D. None of these

898. Who holds that international law is no law as it did not emanate from a law giving authority and had no sanction behind it ?

A. Hobbes
B. Austin *
C. Oppenheim
D. Grotius

899. International law or law of nations is the name of body of rules which regulates the conduct of :

A. States *
B. Peoples
C. Citizen
D. None of these

900. International law is body of :

A. Customary rules
B. Conventional rules
C. Both A and B *
D. None of these