731. barbed means:?
A. lacking spontaneity; not natural
B. capable of wounding
C. widely known and esteemed
D. ready or willing to welcome favorably

732. accreditation means:?
A. funding
B. certification
C. bankruptcy
D. amnesty

733. alleviate means to:?
A.give a solemn statement in court
B. provide physical relief, as from pain
C. compete with successfully
D. prevent the occurrence of

734. mitigate means to:?
A.make less severe or harsh
B. cause physical pain
C. unite or merge
D. give an incentive for action

735. escalate means to:?
A. look with amazement
B. bring into intimate and incriminating connection
C. cause extensive destruction or ruin utterly
D. increase in extent or intensity

736. dispute means:?
A. conception
B. devotion
C. difference
D. investigation

737. intrigue means to:?
A. fill with apprehension or alarm
B. cause to be interested or curious
C. force to leave or move out
D. overcome the wildness of

738. dicey means:?
A. of uncertain outcome; fraught with risk
B. of or relating to unnecessary procedures
C. not conforming to accepted rules or standards
D. having a difficult and contrary disposition

739. deflect means to:?
A. put into service
B. find repugnant
C. draw someones attention away from something
D. assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing

740. intimidation means:?
A. forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority
B. the act of scaring a weaker person to make them do something
C. the care of horses for pay
D. a systematic investigation of a matter of public interest