311. IAEA is used for:
A.International Atomic energy Agency
B.Islamic aid from Emirates for Afghanistan
C.International agency for Ethiopian Aid
D.Imperial Agency for Europe and Asia.

312. The father of International Law is:
A.David Dudley field
B.Hugo Grotius
C.Jeremy bentham
D.None of these

313. An agreement between a State and a multinational corporation
A.A Treaty
B.Not a treaty
C.Can be both
D.None of these

314. Tashkent declaration between India and Pakistan in 1966 by USSR was a:
D.None of these

315. A land-locked State:
A.Cannot fly its own flag
B.Can fly its own flag
C.Can fly its flag with the flag of another State
D.None of these

316. The principle of rebus sic stantibus means:
A.A State cannot use force
B.There is not a crime without Law
C.Fundamental change of circumstances
D.A treaty must be adhered to faithfully

317. The Security council consists of:
A.15 members
B.5 members
C.9 members
D.34 members

318. One of the modes of acquiring state territory is:
D.None of these

319. Indo-Pakistan conflict in 1965 was a:
A.Non-war Armed conflict
C.Just border conflict
D.None of these

320. The principle of jus cogens means:
A. A peremptory norm of International Law
B. A State is bound by the provisions of a forced treaty
C. A successor State is bound by the acts, of a predecessor State.
D. None of these