661. International Law
A.Is superior to National Law
B.Is Inferior to National Law
C.Has nothing to do with it
D.None of these

662. Who said, “International Law is the body of principles and rules which civilized State consider as binding upon them in their mutual relations”:

663. Who said, “International Law is law in the true sense of the term”:

664. The following are immune under the from extradition :
A.Former Heads of State
B.Former Heads of Government
C.Senior Citizens
D.None of these

665. Dejure Recognition is:
A.Legal Recognition
B.Circumstantial Recognition
C.Recognition in Principle
D.None of these

666. Judges of the ICJ are:
A.Elected by the Security Council
B.Elected by the General Assembly and the Security Council
C.Appointed by the Security-General in consultation with the five permanent members of the Security Council
D.None of these

667. According to the Convention of the Law of the Sea, the breadth of the Territorial Sea is:
A.6 nautical miles
B.8 nautical miles
C.12 nautical miles
D.None of these

668. Under the Convention of the Law Sea, the breadth of the exclusive Economic Zone is:
A.100 nautical miles
B.200 nautical miles
C.300 nautical miles
D.None of these

669. For a State to come into existence, one of the basic element is:
A.Possession of sovereignty
B.Possession of ideology
C.Possession of physical resources
D.None of these

670. A Successor state inherits:
A.All right/duties of its predecessor state
B.Selected right/duties
D.None of these

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