831. Subject of International Law are :

A. States
B. Individuals
C. Both *
D. None of these

832. The general assembly is :

A. The principal organ of UNO *
B. An ordinary organ of UNO
C. A check on the security council
D. None of these

833. League of Nations was not joined by :

A. USA *
B. France
D. None of these

834. Judges of the ICJ are :

A. Elected by the security council
B. Appointed by the Security Council and the General Assembly *
C. Named by the Secretary general in counsel with the five extremely durable individuals from the security gathering
D. None of these

835. The territorial sea’s width is, in accordance with sea law convention:

A. 6 Nautical miles
B. 8 Nautical miles
C. 12 Nautical miles *
D. None of these

836. A state can use force :

A. In its own defence *
B. By signing a treaty with a different state
C. At its own discretion
D. None of these

837. Diplomatic relations are established by :

A. Mutual agreement *
B. Unilateral action
C. Decision of neighboring states
D. None of these

838. Rights of hand locked states are governed by :

A. Rules of customary international law
B. The Sea Law Convention *
C. Mutual consent
D. None of these

839. Vienna congress took place in :

A. 1815 *
B. 1919
C. 1945
D. None of these

840. Universal declaration of Human Rights was signed in :

A. 1966
B. 1968
C. 1948 *
D. None of these