271. Since the end of the Cold War, some foreign affairs experts believe that the world has moved toward a system.
A. Bipolar
B. Unipolar
C. Regional
D. Monetary

272. Which of the following is generally not considered to be a cause of war?
A. God’s will
B. Human nature
C. Economics
D. The international system

273. Which of the following is not a type of nongovernmental actor?

274.How does domestic terrorism differ from state-sponsored terrorism?
A. Domestic terrorism is sponsored by another government.
B. State-sponsored terrorism is only used against military targets.
C. Domestic terrorism is only used against military targets.
D. Domestic terrorism has no ties to other governments.

275. The principle of jus cogens means:
A. A peremptory norm of International Law
B. A State is bound by the provisions of a forced treaty
C. A successor State is bound by the acts, of a predecessor State.
D. None of these

276. Who wrote the book International law?
A. V Lowe
B. A Cassese
C. L D Guruswamy
D. Goldstone

277. The doctrine, which accepted the “Law of Nature” as an independent source of rules of the law of nations, was propounded by:
A. Bodin
B. Machiavelli
C. Hobbes
D. Grotius

278. What is the doctrine of “inter-temporal law”?
A. Means that in case of conflict between Municipal Law and International Law, the latter will prevail.
B. Relates to the question of application of different legal systems prevailing at successive periods.
C. Means that the principle of natural justice take precedence over other rules.
D. None of these

279. How often in a year is the “American Journal of International” published?
A. Annually
B. Quarterly
C. Monthly
D. None of these

280. Where is the secretariat of American Society of International Law located?
A. San Francisco
B. Ann Arbor
C. Washington DC
D. New Jersey