641. A State:
A.Can nationalize foreign property without compensation
B.Cannot nationalize
C.Can nationalize by paying compensation
D.None of these

642. A state is:
A.Bound to recognize a new State
B.Not bound to do so
C.Required to enter into dialogue with new State for recognition
D.None of these

643. Diplomatic asylum:
A.Is an exercise of territorial sovereignty
B.Is a derogation from territorial sovereignty
C.Has no concern with territorial sovereignty
D.None of these

644. Minquiers and Ecrehos case was decided by:
C.European court of Human rights
D.None of these

645. The Judges of the ICJ are:
A.Elected by the Security Council
B.Elected by the Security Council and the General Assembly
C.Appointed by the Secretary-General in consultation with five permanent members of the Security Council
D.None of these

646. A State becomes a Member of the United Nations:
A.When Security Council admits it
B.When General Assembly admits it after recommendation of the Security Council
C.When Security Council admits it after the recommendation of the Secretary-General
D.None of these

647. The eruption of war terminates:
A.All treaties
B.Only political treaties;
C.No treaty
D.None of these

648. Supervening impossibility:
A.Renders the treaty invalid
B.Terminates the treaty
C.Has no effect on the treaty
D.None of these

649. Hugo Grotius was:
D.None of these

650. Vienna Congress took place in:
D.None of these

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