761. Right to Education is guaranteed under Article

762. Fundamental Duties are contained in
A.Part IV Article 51-A
B.Part IV Article 51-B
C.Part III Article 35
D.Part III Article 17

763. Who was the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross?
A.Henry Dunant
B.F. Lieber
D.None of the above

764. The UN Sub-Commission on ‘The Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities’ was established in 1947 by
A.General Assembly
B.Security Council
C.Commission on Human Rights
D.International Court of Justice

765. Who among the following propounded the modern principles of Natural Justice?
B.J.S. Mill
C.A.V. Dicey
D.John Rawals

766. Guidelines for arrest of persons by the police were given by the Supreme Court in which of the following cases?
A.Maneka Gandhi vs. Union of India
B.Auto Shankar vs. State of Tamil Nadu
C.Hussainara Khatoon vs. State of Bihar
D.D. K. Basu vs. State of West Bengal

767. Which Amendment introduced the word ‘secular’ in the Preamble of Indian Constitution?

768. Which of the following duties is NOT imposed on the issuer of a documentary credit under the UCP 600 (the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits)?
A. The issuer must state in the credit whether the credit is available by sight payment, deferred payment, acceptance, or negotiation.
B. The issuer is irrevocably bound to honor the credit as of the time it issues the credit.
C. The issuer must assume responsibility for delay or loss in transit resulting from errors or delay in transmitting messages or documents, if the requirements for sending the message or document were contained in the credit.
D. The issuer must examine the documents delivered under a presentation within 5 days of the presentation.

769. embassy means:?
A.diminished arch
B.diplomatic building
C.department store
D. entrance hall

770. According to Article __________ of the Constitution, all citizen are equal before law?
A. 19
D.None of these