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Computer Science and Quiz Test for Preparation

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1Basic Computer MCQSBasic Computer Quiz

61. Relocation bits used by relocating loader are specified by
A. relocating loader itself
B. linker
C. assembler
D. macro processor

62. Generation of intermediate code based on a abstract machine model is useful in compilers because
A. it makes implementation of lexical analysis and syntax analysis easier
B. syntax directed translations can be written for intermediate code generation
C. it enhances the portability of the front end of the compiler
D. it is not possible to generate code for real machines directly from high level language programs

63. Which of the following module does not incorporate initialization of values changed by the module ?
A. non reusable module
B. serially reusable module
C. re-enterable module
D. all of these

64. In some programming languages, an identifier is permitted to be a letter followed by any number of letters or digits. If L and D denotes the sets of letters and digits respectively, which of the following expressions define an identifier ?
A. ( L∪ D ) *
B. L ( L ∪ D)*
C. ( L . D )
D. L . ( L . D )*

65. A language L allows declaration of arrays whose sizes are not known during compilation. It is required to make efficient use of memory. Which one of the following is true ?
A. a compiler using static memory allocation can be written for L
B. a compiler cannot be written for L ; an interpreter must be used
C. a compiler using dynamic memory allocation can be written for L
D. none of these

66. What are x and y in the following macro definition?
Add x, y
Load y
Mul x
Store y
end macro
A. variables
B. identifiers
C. actual parameters
D. formal parameters

67. What is the value of X printed by the following program ?
program COMPUTE ( input, output );
var X : integer ;
procedure FIND ( X: real ) ;
X : = sqrt ( X ) ;
end ;
X : = 2
FIND ( X )
writeln ( X )
A. 2
B. √2
C. Run-time error
D.none of these

68. Which of the following macros can put a macro assembler into an infinite loop ?
IF EQ, X if X = 0 then….
M1 X + 1
IF NE, X : IF X ≠ 0 then……
WORD X : address (X) is stored here
M2 X
WORD X + 1
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of these

69. Given the following Pascal-like program segment
Procedure A,
x, y : integer ;
Procedure B;
x, z : real ;
end B;
Procedure C;
i : integer ;
end C
end A;
The variables accessible in S1 and S2 are
A. x of A, y, x of B and z in S1 and x of B, y and i in S2
B. x of B, y and z in S1 and x of B, i and z in S2
C. x of B, z and y in S1 and x of A, i and y in S2
D. none of these

70. An intermediate code form is
A. postfix notation
B. syntax trees
C. three address codes
D. all of these

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