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1131. The dialogue control/token management are accountability of :

A. Session layer *
B. Network layer
C. Transport layer
D. Physical layer

1132. In OSI network model, the routing is performed by :

A. Network layer *
B. Data link layer
C. Transport layer
D. Physical layer

1133. Which of the following device execute modulation and demodulation ?

A. Fiber optics
B. Switch
C. Coaxial cable
D. Modern *

1134. The conversion of analog signals into digital signals is referred to as:

A. Modulation
B. Demodulation
C. Multiplexing
D. Digitizing *

1135. X.25 standar consists of how many layers of OSI model ?

A. Two
B. Three *
C. Four
D. Five

1136. Which of the below is a layer one of the OSI model?

A. Physical layer *
B. Data link layer
C. Communication layer
D. Network layer

1137. The X25 standard specifies a :

A. Technique for dial access
B. Technique for start stop data
C. DTE/DCE interface *
D. All of the above

1138. Which of the below options, communication modes support two-way traffic?

A. Simplex
B. Full duplex *
C. Half duplex
D. All of the above

1139. Which of the following can be used by a company to convince its growing communications requirements?

B. Multiplexer
C. Controller
D. All of the above *

1140. In X 25 standard the number of separate protocol layers at the serial interface gateway is ?

A. 4
B. 25
C. 6
D. 3 *