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861. When struct is used instead of the keyword class means, what will happen in the program?
A. Access is public by default
B. Access is private by default
C. Access is protected by default
D. None of the mentioned

862. Which of the following is not a member of class?
A. Static Function.
B. Friend Function
C. Const Function
D. Virtual Function

863. Demodulation is the process of
A. converting digital signals to analog signals
B. converting analog signals to digital signals
C. combining many low speed channels into one high speed channel
D. dividing the high-speed signals into frequency bands
E. None of the above

864. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
A. The Addresses Resolution Protocol, ARP, allows a host to find the physical address of a target host on the same physical network, given only the target IP address.
B. The sender’s IP – to- physical address binding is included in every ARP broadcast; receivers update the IP-to-Physical address binding information in their cache before processing an ARP packet.
C. ARP is a low-level protocol that hides the underlying network physical addressing, permitting us to assign IP-addresses of our choice to every machine.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

865. Seeks analysis
A. is used for analyzing paging problems
B. is used for analyzing device busy problems
C. is used for analyzing control-unit busy problems
D. is only shown on real-time displays
E. None of the above

866. Which is a permanent database in the general model of compiler?
A. Literal Table
B. Identifier Table
C. Terminal Table
D. Source code
E. None of the above

867. What is the name of the technique in which the operating system of a computer executes several programs concurrently by switching back and forth between them?
A. Partitioning
B. Multitasking
C. Windowing
D. Paging
E. None of the above

868. Software that measures, monitors, analyzes, and controls real-world events is called:
A. system software
B. real-time software
C. scientific software
D. business software
E. None of the above

869. The details of all external symbols and relocation formation (relocation list or map) is provided to linker by
A. Macro processor
B. Translator
C. Loader
D. Editor
E. None of the above

870. The macro processor must perform
A. recognize macro definitions and macro calls
B. save the macro definitions
C. expand macros calls and substitute arguments
D. all of the above
E. None of the above