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1041. A ___connection provides a dedicated

a. Point to point *
b. Multi Point
c. Primary
d. Secondary

1042. NIC stands for:

a. Network Internet Connection
b. Network Internal Card
c. Newer Industrial Computer
d. Network Interface Card *

1043. Modem stands for:

a. Mode/Models
b. Modification/De-modification
c. Modulation/Demodulation *
d. None of the above

1044. In 3NF, ___ dependency is removed.

a. Functional
b. Partial
c. Associative
d. Transitive *

1045 In ___Processing, Programs are executed one by one:

a. Serial *
b. Batch
c. Multiprogramming
d. Parallel

1046. The Corresponding memory spaces for pages are called:

a. Page utilities
b. Page blocks *
c. Page frames
d. Page modules

1047. What is trashing?

a. State where the system spends an excessive amount of the time on paging, compared to the execution of the process *
b. State where the system swaps out un-referenced pages
c. State where the system decides that the degree of multiprogramming must be increased
d. None of the above

1048. The Oracle environment of the database is called as___

a. Database schema
b. Database Instances *
c. Data Structure
d. All of the above

1049. ____is the smallest unit of storage in an oracle database

a. Data Block *
b. Segment
c. Table
d. Data File

1050. When Instagram was founded ______.

A. 2007
B. 2008
C. 2010 *
D. None of the above