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481. Who is considered to be the “father” of artificial intelligence?
A. Fisher Ada
B. John McCarthy
C. Allen Newell
D. Alan Turning
E. None of the above

482. In which of the following areas may ICAI programs prove to be useful?
A. educational institutions
B. corporations
C. department of Defence
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

483. A network with named nodes and labeled arcs that can be used to represent certain natural language grammars to facilitate parsing.
A. Tree Network
B. Star Network
C. Transition Network
D. Complete Network
E. None of the above

484. A series of AI systems developed by Pat Langley to explore the role of heuristics in scientific discovery.
E. None of the above

485. A.M. turing developed a technique for determining whether a computer could or could not demonstrate the artificial Intelligence,, Presently, this technique is called
A. Turing Test
B. Algorithm
C. Boolean Algebra
D. Logarithm
E. None of the above

486. A Personal Consultant knowledge base contain information in the form of:
A. parameters
B. contexts
C. production rules
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

487. Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the variation in speech patterns among different speakers?
A. Continuous speech recognition
B. Isolated word recognition
C. Connected word recognition
D. Speaker-dependent recognition
E. None of the above

488. Which of the following, is a component of an expert system?
A. inference engine
B. knowledge base
C. user interface
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

489. A computer vision technique that relies on image templates is:
A. edge detection
B. binocular vision
C. model-based vision
D. robot vision
E. None of the above

490. DARPA, the agency that has funded a great deal of American AI research, is part of the Department of:
A. Defense
B. Energy,
C. Education
D. Justice
E. None of the above