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541. Relational operators cannot be used on:
A. String
B. float
C. long
D. structure

542. By default a real number is treated as a
A. float
B. double
C. long double
D. far double

543. How would you round off a value from 6.66 to 7.0?
A. ceil(6.66)
B. floor(6.66)
C. roundup(6.66)
D. roundto(6.66)

544. The format identifier %i is also used for _____ data type?
A. char
B. int
C. float
D. double

545. Variable names beginning with underscore is not encouraged. Why?
A. It is not standardized
B. To avoid conflicts since assemblers and loaders use such names
C. To avoid conflicts since library routines use such names
D. To avoid conflicts with environment variables of an operating system

546. LISP machines also are known as:
A. AI workstations
B. time-sharing terminals
C. super mini computers
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

547. Natural language processing can be divided into the two subfields of:
A. context and expectations
B. generation and understanding
C. semantics of pragmatics
D. recognition and synthesis
E. None of the above

548. How many ALU(s) is/are control by one control unit is SIMD (single instruction stream, multiple data stream) architecture?
A. one or more ALUs
B. One ALU
C. Only two ALU .
D. Impossible to say
E. None of the above

549. Which of the following function returns t if the object is a number in LISP?
A. (number <object>)
B. (numberp <object>)
C. (numeric <object>) .
D. (numeric <object>)
E. None of the above

550. Which of the following have computers traditionally done better than people?
A. storing information
B. responding flexibly
C. computing numerically
D. both (a) and (c)
E. None of the above