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1261. The transmission of data within a time sharing system may be most excellent suited to :

A. Simplex lines
B. Half-duplex lines *
C. Full duplex lines
D. None of the above

1262. Which of the following is incorrect statement ?

A. The difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmission is the clocking concept .
B. Half duplex line is a communication line in which data can move in both direction, however not at the same time
C. Teleprocessing combines telecommunications and DSP techniques
D. Batch processing is the an ideal processing mode for telecommunication operation *

1263. Which of the following channed is a broadband communication channel ?

A. Coaxial cable
B. Twisted pair cable
C. Microwave circuits
D. All of the above *

1264. All of the following are transmission mediums without ?

A. Telephone Lines
B. DSL cables
C. Mouse *
D. Microwave systems

1265. Which of the following does not permit various devices to contribute to one communication line ?

A. Doubleplexer *
B. Multiplexer
C. Concentrator
D. Adder

1266. Which of the following is not a Rs-232-C signal ?

A. VDR *

1267. Which of the following is not correct statement ?

A. Multiplexers are planned to allow data from several I/O devices and broadcast a unified stream of data on one communication line
B. Network layer is second layer of OSI model
C. RTS/CTS is the way DTE indicates that it is ready to transmit data and the way The DCW
D. RTS/CTS is the way the workstation point out ringing *

1268. Which of the following is an advantage of using fiber optics medium in data transmission ?

A. Resistance to theft
B. Fast transmission
C. Low noise
D. All of above *

1269. Which of the following is necessary to communicate between two computers ?

A. Communications software
B. Protocol
C. Communication hardware
D. All of above *

1270. The coding method of TI carrier is called :

A. Bipolar *
C. Manchester