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501. Which Committee standardize C Programming Language ?

502. Which year C language is developed?
A. 1970
B. 1971
C. 1972
D. 1973

503. Which of these is not an example for IDE in C?
A. Turbo
B. Pycharm
C. Code::Blocks
D. Borland

504. C can be used on?
A. Only MS-Dos operating System
B. Only Linux operating system
C. Only Windows operating system
D. All of the above

505. Which is not a character Of C?
A. $
B. ^
C. –
D. |

506. Which is true in case of ANSI C?
A. Comments are represented in /* and */
B. Nested comments are not allowed
C. Comments are not allowed within a string constant
D. Nested comments are allowed

507. Identify the wrong Statement?
A. #define /* symbolic constant */ Max 100
B. int /*declaration*/ a,b;
C. char c1,c2;
D. #define MAX 25;

508. Identify the correct statement?
A. The variable names VOLUME and volume are identical
B. The variable names sun and sun are identical
C. Variables are not declared before use
D. Variable may he absent in a declaration.

509. An escape sequence commence with
A. \
B. /
C. ?
D. #

510. Where does the execution of every C program starts?
A. Every C program starts in the main () function.
B. Every C program starts in the begin ( ) function.
C. Every C program starts in the initialize ( ) function.
D. Every C program starts in the start ( ) function.