321. MHz stands for?
A. Millihertz
B. Microhertz
C. Megahertz
D. None Of These

322. DRAM stands for?
A. Digital Random Access Memory
B. Dynamic Random Access Memory
C. Digital Read Access Memory
D. Dynamic Read Access Memory

323. The dots that compose the image of a digital photograph are called __________.
A. Points
B. Resolution Points
C. Digital Points
D. Pixels

324. A type of reader commonly used to read UPC code is __________.
A. Bar-code reader
B. Optical-mark reader
C. Magnetic-ink reader
D. Both A and C

325. Caps Lock is a:
A. Window key
B. Modifier key
C. Toggle key
D. Cursor control key

326. GPS stands for?
A. Global Pointing System
B. Global Positioning System
C. Google Positioning System
D. None Of These

327. Internet surfing is an example of:
A. Half duplex
B. Simplex
C. Full duplex
D. None Of These

328. Analog signal is measured in:
A. Volt
B. Hertz
C. Digits

329. _________ uses liquid crystal between the glass plates.
D. None of These

330. Open System Interconnection(OSI) model consists of _________ layers.
A. Eight
B. Six
C. Seven
D. Five

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